Tropibed properties are :

  • Reduced hock burn
  • Naturally free of harmful bacteria and moulds
  • Ideal for one bedding use for broiler production
  • Highly absorbent - reduces ammonia in the atmosphere
  • Promotes full usage of bedding and spilt feed
  • Lasts longer than other poultry bedding
  • Available in various sizes
  • More active birds due to bedding remaining free
  • Can be used in most spreading systems

Small Pets and Exotics



  • Harmless if ingested
  • Has the unique ability to absorb and emit moisture
  • Maintains balanced humidity and temperature
  • Gentle to fragile eggs
  • Outstanding odour control for a nicer environment
  • Easily disposed of in the garden, compost heap or green waste bin
  • Ideal medium for egg laying, soft and easy to burrow into